Students meeting with Jorge Varas, a professor from the University of Chile

February 20, 2015

The Center for Latin American Studies held a meeting of the BSEU students with a lecturer from the University of Chile, Jorge Varas and a student from the University of Santiago. The meeting was held in the form of a lively and friendly conversation.Many topics were discussed. They includedChile’s geographic position, the economy, politics, culture, tradition, education, medicine, and so on. Special attention was paid to our world-famous compatriot and national hero of Chile I. Domeyko. Over a long period of time, he held the post of the rector of the University of Chile, participated in the reform of the Chilean education system, and made an enormous contribution to the development of various fields of science.

Anhela Varas, a student of the University of Santiago, was also actively involved in the talk. Sheinformed BSEU students about many interesting facts concerning her homeland,Chile. The guests showed our students Chilean coins, and danced a Chilean folk dance, which enlivened the already exciting atmosphere of the meeting. Hopefully, such meetings will become a good tradition of our Center.