Easter holidays in Venezuela

March 10, 2015

Counselor for Cultural Affairsof the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belarus Gerardo Estrada Martinez gave a lecture on the topic «Easter holidays in Venezuela» (in Spanish).

One of the most famous traditions of the Easter holidays in the Christian world is the celebration of the Holy Week, which is marked a week before Easter. This religious celebration is a simulation of the Jesus’s path, so this way people are trying to convey Christ’s pain and suffering that he endured for the sake of mankind. During this holiday, street marches, spectacular processions and religion-related performancescan be watched. At this timepeople are driving cars with the platformsfeaturing the statues of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the saints along the streets.The participants of the marchesare singing hymns in praise of Christ and the Blessed Virgin. The celebration of Holy Week is very similar in Latin America and in Spain (particularly in Andalusia).

During his lecture, Gerardo Estrada also showedfilm clips, and the students had the opportunity to talk with the Venezuelan guest and ask him questionsat the end of the meeting.