Capitalism and the world economy

May 14, 2015

Xavier Arrisabalo Montoro, professor of the Complutense University at Madrid, Doctor of Economics, presented his book «Capitalism and the GlobalEconomy»at the Center for Latin American Studies onMay 14,2015. Taking part in the event were students and faculty members of the Belarus State Economic University, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps.

The book «Capitalism and the World Economy» is the result of the professor’s twenty-five years of work.The author analyzes a difficult economic situation in the world in the 21st century. Based on Karl Marx’s economic doctrine,XavierArrisabaloMontoro reveals the reasons affecting the state of the modern economy in a plain and clear language.The author traces the features of economic development in some countries in different time periods and explains the laws of world economic development.

The book is targeted ata wide audience.